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The Hollywood Roosevelt

Would you? Could you? One of the best things I did for myself last year...I “did me,” and I refused to feel guilty about it!!

Let me be honest; it took me YEARS as a mother to get to this point + damn, I'm happy to have finally arrived.

I like to use the mask-on-a-plane analogy when referring to motherhood. You know, the one about placing your mask on before helping those next to you. You MUST take care of yourself first before you can be of help to someone else.

And so, when I found myself on the way to California for my sweet cousin’s wedding (sans hub+ kiddos-hello, new school year), I decided to head out a couple of days early + try myself...

I had ALWAYS dreamed about sipping cocktails + lounging by the pool at the historic Hotel Roosevelt (ever since I used to watch Hiedi + LC do it. THAT'S how long I’ve wished to come here!)

I did it! I booked a gorgeous midcentury modern poolside cabana room in this magnificent hotel that opened in 1927. It’s the oldest continually operating hotel in LA and it takes you right back to Hollywood’s Golden Era!

I passed through lush greenery that kept my patio private to get to the 60s-style Tropicana pool, and I floated away looking up at palms and down into the pool, which had been recently hand-painted by British pop artist David Hockney.

I sipped electric blue sangria, ate my weight in guac, and read uninterrupted...for as long as I damn well pleased.

I threw up that Do NOT Disturb sign, slept diagonally in my massive king, took extra longer showers (with no one knocking!), + didn’t set the alarm (although I was still up at the crack of dawn to FaceTime the girls of course).

At night, I lounged in lace-trimmed silky slip + my waffle robe on my patio + looked up at the iconic Roosevelt sign glowing above. I sat thinking about life and feeling grateful to be able to do things that were once just a dream.

I wandered the halls slowly and gawked at the original tiles, and the vintage pieces collected in Europe for the bar and envisioned all of the glamorous events that once took place here.

I channeled my inner Marilyn Monroe (since she had a suite here), + I did a mini selfie photoshoot...because, dammit, I was on the brink of turning 40, + I wanted to commemorate this time in my life... when I've been, where I was headed + how far I’ve come!

I ended my stay with a detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage in a private garden oasis under palms blowing in the breeze. It. Was. Everything.

The experience was short enough that it didn't disrupt life back home but long enough to feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

I cannot recommend this kind of break enough! I needed it. YOU need it.

Where would you go for a quick reset?

Are you at the point in your motherhood journey where you could just go + actually relax?

Mamas, I'm always here to throw ideas around with you if you don’t know where that place is yet!

Let’s do cool sh*t + take the time we need!




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