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It’s here! It’s finally here!

Opening weekend (which happened to coincide perfectly with my birthday-yay!) at the iconic sushi spot by the one and only Nobu Matsuhisa was EPIC! Dining at Nobu had been on “the list” for many years now, and it was worth the wait!

*I recommend keeping a list in a special book of all the things you want to do this year and in life in general in life, neatly organized in sections...films you wish you watch, places you want to visit, restaurants you want to enjoy, books you want to read, etc. There's something about actually writing it down that takes it from a dream to a plan. When you need some help conquering your travel list, please keep me in mind. I would be honored to help you achieve your travel goals, big or small. Let’s chat!

Nobu is located in Caesars Casino, on the casino floor, not on the pier. Enjoy sexy candlelit lounge seating up front by the bar or ocean and boardwalk views towards the back of the restaurant, past the sushi being freshly rolled.

We sat in the "sunroom," which overlooked the boardwalk and ocean. We were able to catch a beautiful sunset. I recommend planning accordingly for some extra special ambiance!

The food is phenomenal and precisely what you have come to expect and desire from Nobu!!

Their signature yellowtail with jalapeno is a must.

The sticky rice with spicy tuna is a fun little DIY.

If you must order edamame, try the charred with Peruvian corn! Such a nice twist on a standard.

The mini tacos are the perfect bite (you must order two). We went with lobster and king crab, and I cannot imagine it getting any better than that. Superb!

The baby artichoke salad with truffle was insane, and if you're thinking, why waste time on a salad? I did too, and I was dead wrong.

Black cod is another cannot miss. The butter lettuce is the way to go!

The shrimp with spicy cream is a dish we are all familiar with when called “spicy rock,” but still worth ordering. Even the dressed greens underneath are stellar.

For dessert, the soba cha brown is unreal if you're a chocolate fan!! The flavors are insane. The texture is phenomenal. The presentation is impeccable!

Going with their made-for-Nobu sake is where I would start. The "Devil Killer" was dry and perfect. Don't forget it's bad luck to pour for yourself!

Their lychee martini is their most popular and a must!

It was nice to meet the general managers greeting everyone into the space for the first nights.

Ressies via OpenTable were easy, and they actually read what you write in the notes section, so don't hesitate to let them know any info like dietary restrictions or special celebrations!

You can stop in for drinks at the bar or lounge and order any plates, even full meals, there, so if you are in the area last minute and don't have reservations, definitely try that! It's vibey and lovely, and yes, there's a TV for game-watching.

Minor complaints: candles on each table would be so lovely (they have them in the lounge), and don't expect a Malibu crowd or celeb watching. You're definitely going to get tees and jeans and people stumbling off the casino floor using comps, but I say dress the part anyway and make it an occasion to remember!!

It was an incredible meal, an awesome date night, and such a wonderful experience celebrating this next year!

Book your ressies for your special celebration now!


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